Friday, December 21, 2007

Street Fighter Alpha DVD Collection

A 2 disc collection set including both Street Fighter Alpha the movie and Street Fighter Alpha Generations has been released.
The Package comes in a new wrap-around cover with the art done by UDON’s Chamba, artist on the upcoming Street Fighter II Turbo 12-issue comic book series.

Unfortunately the DVD's themselves are the same ones we've had for years, so same movies same special features with nothing extra.

The package is basically for people who have not bought any of the 2 movies so far (i doubt that any of you who visits this blog have not had thoses dvds for years now).

Anyway, for those of you who wanna get them you can find them at any major DVD retailer.


True Ryu said...

Was never a fan of the Alpha OVAs. I liked the anime series and the animated movie. I personally believe though that alternate media besides the video games themselves, help to create hype in the imagination of the fans. The mangas, animes, etc they really make the games an even bigger more inspirational part of your life.

strugler said...

i think i am the only one in this dimension who likes street fighter alpha generations lool

True Ryu said...

ha true. but that just makes your way of thinking more "rare"

Anonymous said...

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