Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Street FIghter Hands On preview from 1up

the 1up folks have just posted a hands on preview of street fighter 4. From what i can see its pretty much the same info we ve got from the egm article with some more in depth explaining of the new Saving system. All in all a good read for us Street Fighter fans.

From the article: An additional benefit to using a Saving strike is that this renders you invincible for a brief sliver of time. Savvy players with impeccable timing might use this as a way to let, say, an opposing and attacking Ken -- who is in the middle animations of a dragon punch, for example -- pass through them without damage. If you have three-quarters or full Revenge gauge stored up, you can instead hold both buttons down to let fly with an unblockable, charged, super-powerful attack (that also renders you momentarily invincible). This should in theory allow for big comeback opportunities by a player who's running out of lifebar, but in ways that aren't game breaking like Guilty Gear's 'instant kill' moves.

Check out the rest of the article HERE