Saturday, December 22, 2007

Street Fighter IV Arcade version to be exhibited at AOU 2008 with a summer 08 release?

The official list of the games to be exhibited at AOU 2008 has been released. In it we can see that Street Fighter IV will be showcased at the february show.
This pretty much confirms that the game will have an arcade release as well. Little is known if any new information will be given at the show but we can hope that a release date for the title will be available by then.

AOU is the biggest arcade expo in the world and it is held yearly in Japan.

The biggest News though (we hope its true) is if you click on the Street Fighter 4 title on the AOU page it says that the release date of street fighter 4 is a tentative Summer Release date!!!

Stay tuned as we try to bring you more info on the matter.

Check the full list of AOU 2008 games here


Riot ryu said...

WOW! Summer 2008? thats only 6 months from now!

Anonymous said...

nice blog!!!
we can get all the street fighter's news here, thanks!

Anonymous said...

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