Thursday, December 13, 2007

UDON announces plans for street fighter 20th anniversary

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the street fighter franchise, Udon, the talented comic book publisher behind Street Fighter the comic series has unveiled their plans for 2008.
Three comic series will see the light this coming year:

1- Street Fighter 2 Turbo, a continuation of the street fighter comic series (its abt goddam time!)

2- Street Fighter legends: Chun-li, a 6 book comic series starring the the fan-favorite miss Li

3- Street Fighter 3: New generation, you heard that right, finally a comic book about the controversial sequel to street fighter 2

We will try to get more information about when we should expect the comics, so Stay Tuned!!!



True Ryu said...

I always respect what Udon is doing for SF. I havent really read much of the comics myself. They are hard to come by here. But I still respect what they are doing. They seem like people who seriously love what they do.

Im excited for all 3 series.

Anonymous said...

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