Monday, December 31, 2007

Video of the day: Funny moments from crappy street fighter cartoon

Here is a hilarious video that i stumbled upon, which has some funny lines from the crappy US street fighter cartoon. Ah! that cartoon scared my childhood for life.

Check it out


True Ryu said...

I was gunna send this link to you early on to put on your blog but seems like you found it already.

LOL at the front flip landed on ass and the bad guy looking at it in shock.

strugler said...

dude blanka screaming was soo hilarious "AAAAAAAOOOOUUUUUAAAAIIIOOOUU" what the hell lol
and vega saying toro toro, makes wonder if the creators of this show were on crack or something.

Anonymous said...


True Ryu said...

No Not the HEAD BITE!

"BISONNN!" *flames appear*

Anonymous said...

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