Friday, December 28, 2007

Video of the day: Street Fighter IV footage without the boring 1up guys comments!

Our video of the day for today is the special footage of street fighter 4 without the comments and talk talk talk of the 1up guys.
Its amazing that the episode was 20min but the footage was only 47 sec lol but i cant complain and i really thank the 1up guys for all the efforts to bring us the first footage of this soon to be a video game master piece.


i dont know abt you guys but i cant stop watching and rewatching it.

Shoooryuken >> cancel Hadoooken >> cancel Shinkuuu TAtsu maki senpukyaku


True Ryu said...

Oh no we "totally" hearing their banter talk. "Um yeah I think Soul Calibur is better than Street Fighter" "SF is more ..casual.." "Soul Calibur Soul Calibur orgasms" They biased much? People only wanted to hear Ono.

Anonymous said...

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