Thursday, January 17, 2008

A new Street Fighter game you say? No not really

Daletoo, a japanese capcom-licensed game developer has announced a new street fighter called: Street FIghter Online mouse generations (Say what?). The game is a pc title and basically its a street fighter title where you use only the pc mouse to play, with the mouse right button is used for kick and left is for punch. You can still shoot hadokens by doing some kind of maneuver with the mouse.

The character models use the the Kaiyodo's "Revoltech" action figure system that allows you to interswitch characters body parts. For example you can now see ryu with chun-li's thighs (who wants to see that anyway).

I am not sure if this game even qualifies as a street fighter title but the game sure looks ugly and from the trailer video it plays like crap. The beta version is supposed to start in a couple of months but who cares anyway right?

source: capcom-town


ROCKET said...

Very nice blog you have here. Keep on working on it! I'm always visiting it. As a Street Fighter fan, I'm very exited about SF4, but this "mouse" game is kinda weird... For a SF free online game, the graphics could be that bad, but... mixing body parts??? For what??? Japanese people have weird stuff sometimes... And what about those "Flying Daggers" chinese characters? What do they have to do with Street Fighter? Anyway...

The Grey Ghost said...

Well, I guess it's good that someone's cornered the amputee market. Now even one-armed people can join in the fighting game community!

strugler said...

@the grey ghost
i havent tought of that, you are right.

supervs said...

wow this is a cool game
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Anonymous said...

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