Thursday, January 3, 2008

Street Fighter IV will officialy have a ps3 release? Not really

Although it is a no brainer, Street Fighter IV is now confirmed to have a ps3 release. French magazine Consoles+ has a 14 pages preview of the beast where they state that they have played the game on a PS3 at the uk capcom offices.
The magazine has also some other cool hints and info that i will post later.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Yurinka from the capcom town blog has reaffirmed that the consoles + team played the game using a ps3 arcade stick but the game was running on a giant pc. Although the guys from neo arcadia says that the consoles+ played it on a ps3. I am still looking for the whole article so i can read it for myself. I will update this post as soon as i get my hand on the article.
but for now this stays as a "probably not" info

source: neo arcadia forums

picture source:


ethanjude said...

I'm more interested in getting the official word that it's hitting the 360. Please French magazines... tell me now! =]

Anonymous said...


I'm the writer of this article. I've never talked about SFIV played on a PS3 but on a huge PC with PS3 arcade sticks plugged in it... And Capcom still haven't officialy anounced the platforms.

strugler said...

@ anonymous
it says that the editor of consoles+ vincent played it on a ps3 with arcades sticks plugged to it, might be some mix up ?
Pourriez vous vous identifiez et si vous etes vraiment de l'equipe consoles+ je pourrai changer le contenu de toute facon je vai relire l'article pour etre sure. Merci

Yurinka said...

I'm the owner of the Capcom blog where appeared the ps3 Consoles Plus thing, and also the scans of the german magazine.

Exactly, they played on a PC who was running the basic version of the game, where they program it before porting to a console hardware.

But they were playing with a Hori's Real Arcade Pro PS3 arcade stick plugged to the PC.

There's no problem without taking pics or info from our site, but in this please quote us as source.

And if you need the English translation of something (since our site is in Spanish), just send me a mail to

It will help to avoid mistakes like that.

strugler said...

Hi yurinka, sorry for the confusion. i got the news from neo arcadia forums, i just updated the post with the source also since i linked the pic from your site i also added the source for that. The neo arcadia users who were able to get the magazine say that vincent from consoles+ played it on a ps3 using hori pro arcade stick. Anyway thanx for clarifying, and by the way good job on your blog i like it although i dont speak spanish :)

Yurinka said...

In a couple of days a friend will send me a Consoles Plus magazine, so you'll have the scans to read it better. :)

We also have The Edge with both SF4 covers, we are scanning it.

We also have the January magazine of Hobby Consolas(Spanish), wich also have some exclusive tibdits (like each magazine with its regional exclusive). If you want, we can scan its SFIV preview(we didn't posted the full scans to avoid problems since we're in the same country).

You can download the full EGM magazine of January freely (and legally) through Zinio.

There is another european media with a SFIV exclusive. As every exclusive tells a new tibdit about the game, we're looking for all them. We supouse it's Italian (since it's the only european country without known exclusive).

If you need something more, let me know.

BTW, if you find a German translator for the SF4 preview, please send me a mail!


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