Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Video of the Day: Too damn serious about Street Fighter

My good friend and blog reader True Ryu has showed me this hilarious video about a kid so passionate abt Street Fighter that he takes loosing to sagat a bit too serious. We taught we have to share this with you fellow blog readers, enjoy

Street Fighter Anger

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oblique said...

That was kind of funny, but I felt sorry for the poor kid, I feel his pan. I remember nights when I would play Street Fighter II and the computer controlled characters would do CHEATING moves. Let me list them

Blanka: walking forward roll

Guile: walking forward sonic boom or walking forward flash kick

Ryu: Will beat you out of the air with a jump kick EVEN if you jump first and KICK first..

Bison: OH goodness where do I start! Throws that take off almost half of your life.

Walking forward, then scissor kicking

Walking forward, then psycho crusher

I think the computer controlled Bison gets the award for pissing people off and this is the move......

First he scissor kicks you TWO times in a row, gets you dizzy, then scissor kicks you TWO more times in a row. Then throws your dumb ass and you are DEAD.

Go back and play street fighter II the world warrior and you will see what I am talking about.

The Grey Ghost said...

That kid...was me.

J/K, but I remember being just as frustrated with the game when I played it back when I was younger.

kenjiharima said...

lol I was almost like that, but I didn't cry when I was young, but Instead submitted to the dark hadou and became evil. I wanted everyone to be quite and blamed a little noise just consentrating on my SF game. Hated Vega/Balrog and M.Bision/Vega.
Like Shhh...grandma...MA!!! Keep quite. Then I yell.

Bahh! The old days wanna make me laugh. LOL :D

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