Monday, January 14, 2008

VideoS of the day: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Tutorials

Are you like me, sitting impatiently waiting for SSF2T hd remix to go online anytime this year so you can kick some serious ass online? Well you may wanna first make sure you know enough abt SSF2T to be able to compete online. If you are like me, spent the last 10 years playing Alpha and SF3 then believe me we really would not last long in the online arena. For that same reason (and also that i dont want my username on psn to rank second to last) we have here the SSF2T video tutorials created by none other than the David Sirlin, yes the same guy working on balancing SSF2T HD remix. Sirlin made four videos about pretty much everything you need to know abt SSF2T, from basics to cross over combos. Enjoy and make sure to practice what you are about to learn.

Video 1: SSF2T Beginners tutorial part 1:

Video 2: SSF2T Beginners tutorial part 2:

Video 2: SSF2T Intermediate tutorial:

Video 2: SSF2T Advanced tutorial:

Here is hopping i will meet you all soon on the online arena to see if this post was put to good use lol.