Friday, February 29, 2008

Balrog and Sagat confirmed for SF4!!!!

Yes, you heard that right, both Balrog the boxer and Sagat have been confirmed as characters in SF4 from two videos recorded at the sf4 on-location test in Akihabara.
Check them out:

This is a good day indeed!


Mad monkey said...

FUCK YEEAAAHHH!!! now all i need is vega and fei long

oblique said...

Wow Zangif and Barlog are looking like some BEASTS all ready. They look like they are going to be REALLY tough to play against.

Valen said...

Too fucking good!!!! Sagat is back! Tiger knee bitches!

The S said...

Balrog gets new respect in my eyes due to being portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan in the upcoming movie... but I want Dudley in SF4 >.<

Anonymous said...

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