Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hands on preview featuring Ono at is now featuring a full hands on preview article of Street Fighter 4 from GDC. You may say why bother posting this since pretty much all hands on previews are the same? i say read the following quote from Ono san as seen in the article:

"Potential home versions of the game should offer something else to hardcore Street Fighter fans, says Ono. "If and when there are console versions, we could see someone like Sakura-chan (from Street Fighter Alpha) or Ibuki (Street Fighter III)," says Ono. "For a home version, you can sit and practice the characters as long as you want to before you take them online. So there will probably be a move to add even more characters to the home version."

Now thats news, does that mean Sakura will not be available in the arcade version? does that also mean that we will see SFIII characters making SFIII still cannon? well boys and girls only time will tell us.

to read the full article click here