Saturday, February 16, 2008

Off screen High res SF4 gameplay footage

While we are still waiting for a direct feed HD SF4 gameplay movie, three new videos have surfaced on
The videos are indeed high-res although they are still off-screen footage we can a lot more details such as the hair and clothes physique and above all ryu's fixed face during his ultra Shinku Hadoken, no more zombie mouth ryu for what im seeing now.

What are you waiting for? Head to the gamespot here website to download the High res movies


oblique said...

hmmm okay I found something that I don't like with SF4.....I will get over it though. Around 10 seconds or so in the video on gamespot titled:

Street Fighter IV AOU 2008 Gameplay Movie 2 (Guile VS Ken)

Ken was gearing up for a super move (shin-shoryuken or shoryu reppa) and all Guile did was a medium kick and it COMPLETELY stopped Ken's super move. I can tell by the sound that the Ken player made that he was not happy with this lol.

I hate that a regular move can stop a super, the only other Street Fighter game I noticed this in was the Capcom VS SNK series. I really hated that aspect. How can a regular move stop a super move, what kind of priority is that. I have seen JABS stop super moves in Capcom VS SNK. I am not saying that it does not happen in any other street fighter game, but it was alot more rare.

I don't like the idea of regular moves beating a super move. Special moves are fine, but if I am doing a super move and you are doing nothing special, then I should at least have priority over the non-special moves.

I guess thats my first official complaint, I think it is pretty valid though, what does everyone else think?

Don't get me wrong SF4 will not suck because of this and I am still as excited as I was before about it!

oblique said...

Hmm I watched the video again and I noticed another thing about the super moves.

When you do a super move and the screen gets dark it does not completely freeze the other character like it is has done in the past games (SF Alpha Series, EX, SF3). If you watch Guile as the screen goes black as Ken charges up his super, Guile is still in motion to do his crouching medium kick, BUT he is moving a lot slower. In the past games if a super was done then only the person doing the super would be moving at the INITIAL start everything else would be dark and completely frozen.

strugler said...

good observation man, i would hate it if after all the cinematic drama of an ultra it gets canceled by a jab. im sure they will fix it though, since a beta test will start in japan on the 22nd.

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