Friday, February 29, 2008

Rebalancing Cammy for SSFIIHD

Part six in the ongoing article series of rebalancing SSFIIT is now up and it is featuring the fan favorite Cammy.
In the article, David Sirlin talks about all the changes they made to Cammy in the upcoming downloadable game Super Street Fighter II turbo HD remix.

From the article: "Here’s some trivia about the Spinning Backfist. The very first change I made in the entire game was allowing Cammy’s Spinning Backfist to go through fireballs. All three versions can now do this and she even has lower body invulnerability during this, but her head is completely vulnerable the whole time, so you can smack her with high moves if you know she is going to Spinning Backfist. Her regular full body vulnerability returns, of course, by the time she can actually hit you."

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