Friday, February 15, 2008

Ryu Vs C.viper gameplay video

ps: Notice C.viper's cool pre-fight animation, also, is it just me or did they fix ryu's face


Anonymous said...

Ryu looks ugly as hell on SFIV.

Anonymous said...

they need to fix ryu's mouth, lol ryu looks depressed, like he wants to retire from street fighting. And the eyes have to be changed to brown. Blue doesn't match. Other than that the characters look good.

oblique said...

Hmmm after watching all the videos I can say that I am impressed! I expected it to be good anyway. Now this if from me not playing it, but it seems like Street Fighter 4 is a blend of SF3 + SFEX series Mechanics + Old School SSF2T coolness.

Yeah that is my NON hands-on impression summary

SF4 = SF3 + SFEX series Mechanics + Old School SSF2T coolness.

ethanjude said...

Great finds as always. I hope we see the console versions by year's end. I love the flow of this game. It looks to be an interesting pace.

Anonymous said...

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