Monday, March 24, 2008

Gamesetwatch interviews Yoshinori Ono' staff sat down with SF4 producer yoshinori ono and talked abit abt the anticipated sequel, The interviw mostly tackles the graphical aspect of the game, and while pretty much no new information is given it is still an interesting read.

From the interview: " Lets talk about the shaders. They're very unique looking and they really serve the graphical direction of the game. What was your goal with the shader look? What did you use as inspiration, and how did you get that technology up and running?

YO: As far as the reason we decided to go with the shader like this, we thought that a really important part of Street Fighter, and the series up until now, has been the artwork.

The paintings that Akiman used to do, the art that Ikeno has provided for us, it's really integral to the series. So we certainly didn't want to go realistic. It was a very easy decision for us, as far as that's concerned. "

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