Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gamesradar interviews David Sirlin about Street FIghter

The folks at gamesradar sat down with David Sirlin, the man responsible for rebalancing Super STreet Fighter 2 Turbo HD remix, and asked him about the Street Fighter franchise and what defines a street fighter game. Readers looking for new information regarding SSF2THD will be disappointed as the interview deals with the Street FIghter 2 franchise as whole.

From the article: "DS: Few games are able to stand up to the rigors of competition. VERY few games. Street Fighter does, and so the experts love it. At the same time, it’s easy to get into (no character creation screen, no leveling up, no barriers between you and playing), and it has memorable, cool characters, and it has a fast-paced fun factor. And the refined tuning I mentioned early. That perfect storm of design elements is why a fourteen year-old game with fourteen year-old graphics still has tournaments every week in Tokyo."

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