Monday, March 10, 2008

Preorder SF4 now .... for just 23,000 bucks

Soon, very soon, in fact sometimes this month, we can all preorder the japanese arcade cabinet of the most anticipated fighting game sequel on the planet and that is of course Street Fighter 4.
A preorder page went online here where anybody can preorder the game for 23,000 USD. Is it too much you think? the question is how much of a fan are you? are you fan enough to spend 23000 for your beloved game?

source: Kotaku


The Grey Ghost said...

It make perfect sense for a price tag that high since the machines are intended for commercial use, rather than private. If it were only $1-2, I might think it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

thats beyond ridiclous even some companies cant afford that. I heard it was $4,000 before

MAd monkey said...

Fuck that i aint fan enough then

Anonymous said...

what the hell! it's too much!!! oh my god can't afford that sorry

Anonymous said...

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