Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5th Street Fighter IV Loketest announced

Over at the SF4 dev blog, producer shizowa announced today that the fith, and probably last, Street Fighter IV loketest will take place this coming weekend in both Tokyo and Osaka. Shizowa added that the build that will playable has gone through a lot of technichal tweaks and changes since the last one.

If you are still not excited i remind you that most of the new chracters that we have seen so far were all first shown in a loketest, so here is hoping we will meet some new SF4 challagers starting this friday.

Stay tuned as we will report starting friday on any new tibdits we receive from the loketest.

ps: if this is indeed the last loketest, i hope at least 5 more new characters will be shown this weekend coz the way it is right now there are not enough newcomers.


Tbaby88 said...

where in da fuck is AKUMA!?!?!?!?!?!

John Tinning said...

Akuma is in the game, just nobody has seen him. Apparently he plays a big part in the games story

lucky said...

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