Thursday, May 22, 2008

Akuma SMASH!!! in HD

Seth Killian posted today the first SSF2T hd Screenshot portraying Akuma/gouki in all his HD glory,
Akuma does certainly looks like he has been hitting the gym lately preparing for his HD debut as he looks like a HULKing menacing figure, but me likes :)

The new design approach behind Akuma is very reminiscent to his comic and manga incarnation as he is always portrayed larger and bulkier that both Ryu and Ken, and since Udon (the talented people behin the Street Fighter Comics) are the people behind the art direction of the game, the design should not be a surprise to anyone.

What do you guys think of it? i personally LOVE it!!!!

source: Capcom Unity


Anonymous said...

He should be taller.

Tbaby88 said...

why change his height, he's been the same height of ryu since he's been introduced to the series, he'll look weird if he was taller.......but he looks so much cooler now that he's defined....

number said...

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Anonymous said...

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