Saturday, May 24, 2008

Newsarama interviews Udon!!!

Finally some news about the return of the Street Fighter comics, as Newsarama intreviews Jim Zubkavich from Udon Ent.

The interviews offers some new info about the three comic book series that are coming up this summer: Street FIghter 2 turbo, Street Fighter legends chun-li, and last but by no mean least Street Fighter III.

From the interview: " Street Fighter II Turbo picks up where our Street Fighter II series left off, but also allows new readers to easily jump on board. This is the big tournament battle arc, with more action and intensity than any of the Street Fighter comics we've done before. The plot lines we've been building up slam together in this series with dramatic effect. Newcomer Jeff 'Chamba' Cruz had the daunting task of following Alvin Lee on our flagship Street Fighter series but I can say with confidence that he's done a fantastic job of taking the reigns and blowing us away. Jeff's sense of dynamic energy is going to rock our readers. Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li continues our focus on a single character, this time putting Chun-Li in Hong Kong doing what she does best - kicking butt with style and grace. With the upcoming Street Fighter live-action movie focusing on Chun-Li, this is sort of a "what if UDON was making the Chun-Li movie" as a mini-series. As with our popular Sakura mini-series, Omar Dogan is at the art helm on this one, bringing his incredible detail and sharp rendering to the forefront. Street Fighter III moves ahead to the next generation of fighters and finally gives fans of the SF3 cast a book to call their own. As we did with our Street Fighter II series, Ken Siu-Chong will be pulling together the many diverse story threads from the video game into a cohesive whole and expanding upon all of it to fill in the nooks and crannies. UDON mainstay Joe Ng is our penciller on this series and I can't wait until people see Joe kick this into high gear. All three of these series (and a few other surprises) will be previewed in our Street Fighter Remix one-shot comic coming out this summer, with a jam piece cover by all three of our UDON Street Fighter art teams. "

The Article also has some new interior art of the Street Fighter remix as well as the cover and they do look GORGEOUS!

read the full interview here