Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The incredible KEN SMASH in the hd Beta

PS: people, do not panic, this is just the beta, i am sure ken will not be this invincible in the final build. The reason behind the beta is for Capcom to know what needs to be changed.


Mad_monkey said...


this shit is broken like there is no tomorrow

wtf capcom? first no ps3 version of the beta now a freaking invincible ken.

cmon sirlin you can do better, i hope

Anonymous said...

There wont be much changes in balance of the Chars. Otherwise the beta would include all Chars not only Ryu and Ken! The beta is first of all for testing the network code. But I am also sure that this tactic is not complitly invincible

Anonymous said...

The one guy in this video just makes stupid mistakes and then crys like a pussy just because he cant play this game. This is like the old days when some guys cried when you fire hadokens against them all time. They also thought that this is unbeatable.

-ihsanamin- said...

THAT is some bullshit! LOL

Anonymous said...

anonymous of june 26th, its not that he's crying about it that matters, its the fact that Ken off any cancelable poke can do over 90% damage at point blank, and can do the same against any jump in *full invincibility on the way up on strong shoryu* This is a big big issue, but one that has already been fixed. ^.^

Anonymous said...

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