Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SSF2THD remix Open beta leaked????

Apparently so! Reports are pourring in that some lucky xbox 360 owners were able to download the SSF2HD Beta two days before its supposed release.

According to the reports, the beta was availabe to download for about 30 mn (a mistake?) unlucky xbox 360 owners who did not try to download the beta within that time frame are now stuck with an error message whenever they try to snatch the beta.

Few pictures have also surfaced including the title menu and the character select screen which allows you to pick either Ryu or Ken.

More info includes the win quotes of both Ken and ryu which includes the following:


*Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!
*I need a better workout than this...where's Elisa?
*Get up! It's too early for you to be defeated!
*Well, at least you threw a punch...
*If that's all you got, it must be embarrassing for you.
*You are not bad, but not good either.


*You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance.
*Don't fight for victory-fight to improve yourself. Victory will follow.
*To live is to fight, to fight is to live.
*You did quite well, but you need more training to defeat me.
*You must love competition before you can achieve victory.

Congratulations to Xbox 360 users who got the chance to play the game this early, unfortunately i am a ps3 owner so i guess i will still have to wait.

ps: Ryu still says Shen long instead of the dragon punch hmmm... something tells me shen long might become a new character in Street Fighter 4 different from gouken, time will tell.

Source: Thanx to gamefaqs user Goh_Billy for the images and winquotes

Update: A bad quality video showing the leaked Beta: