Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Choose your favorite character to be featured in Street Fighter 4 home version

Over at the Capcom unity website, Seth killan has posted a poll for us fans to vote on which character we want to join the cast the most.

The choices we have for now are: Sakura, hugo, fei long, ibuki, cammy, dee jay, t-hawn and Dan.

Who did i vote for? Fei long of course :) too bad there is no possibility to vote for more than one as i would have gone for Sakura as well.

Click here to cast your vote


29once said...

No Makoto... then I guess I'll vote Cammy.

The Grey Ghost said...

I think everyone should vote for Cammy. Why is T Hawk even on the list? Nobody likes T hawk!

Anonymous said...

Cammy & Fei Long all the way!

Anonymous said...

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