Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Street Fighter 4 videos from Japan

While Street Fighter 4 will be released next week, few locations in japan received an early build of the game this morning.
The early build is basically the same build we saw in the last couple loke tests.

Check out the following vids from today early build release

Ryu vs Ken

Ken vs Abel

Ken vs Zangief

Bison vs Ken


oblique said...

looks like the camera is going to be zoomed out a bit. All of the previous video clips I saw the camera was zoomed in.

Anonymous said...

Ehhhh......I'm still excited for this and all but there's a definite lack of Capcom's usual artistic polish here. Very floaty animation, no cloth sim on Ken and Ryu's gis during idles, crummy sidestep animation, etc...

Is it true this game is being developed out of house? I'd believe it...

Anonymous said...

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