Friday, July 25, 2008

SSF2THD remix Open beta to be patched

If you are like me, tired of all the ken players doing all the shanenigans with the juggling shoryuken, our prayers have been answered, as Capcom officially announced that they will indeed patch the SSF2THD beta in the coming weeks and extend the initial 8 weeks announced earlier this year.

According to capcom's QA manager Deuce, the patch will include the following fixes:

  1. Crash while joining games has been fixed.

  2. Headsets no longer transmit constantly. (Please note: on some Arcade Sticks, the connection to your headset can be a little wonky, so if you're hearing static, check your connections!)

  3. Ken’s strong Shoryuken no longer juggles.

  4. Ken’s fierce Shoryuken now only juggles for a maximum of 3 hits.

  5. Ken’s roundhouse Hurricane Kick now leaves him slightly farther away from the opponent on hit.

  6. Default round number has changed to 5 for Ranked and Tournament matches.

  7. Win/Loss data now shows up in Player Matches.

  8. Game Speed has been fixed to match the original arcade game.

  9. Game no longer crashes when trying to select Akuma by the old code.

  10. Super Finishes now display correctly in 4:3 mode.

  11. Game no longer crashes when signing out during a Tournament.

  12. New netcode to reduce lag generate by packet loss.

  13. New rewind code that mitigates latency by smoothing out what people see on screen.
Let's hope we get it sooner than few weeks, in the mean time to those who beat the crap out of me using ken's non stop dragon punches: enjoy the juggling shoryukens while you can you little pricks

source: capcom unity