Friday, August 29, 2008

Akuma is now a playable character!!!

As hinted and later promised by shizowa San, Akuma is now a playable character in the arcade version of SF4.

His move set has also been uploaded to the official Street Fighter 4 website, which according to it Akuma has TWO (yes count them 2) shun goku satsu moves, one for his super and the other is for his Ultra.
I for one was expecting a messatsu go shoryu or messatsu go hado for his super (especially that the latter was shown in the anime cutscene) Nonetheless i love the shun goku satsu, and what is better than a shun goku satsu? two versions of "the" shun goku satsu of course :) so count me as one happy fella.

Shizowa san has Also released Some Akuma's sketches drawn by Ikeno, the art director and designer of SF4.

We will try to have a video of the demon in motion later in the day, in the mean time enjoy the screens.

Source: SF4 dev blog


M said...

Too damn cool! The only thing is that it looks like he grew out of those pants years ago. The bottom are up to his calves, lol.

Franklin said...

To be honest I'm not that surprised Akuma made it into the game, but it's amazing news to still see it be true. I imagine that he'll be in the console releases too.

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Franklin Keane

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