Friday, August 15, 2008

Akuma/Gouki smashed his way to Street Fighter 4 this Morning

In what appears to be a time release, Akuma made his first Debut in the arcade version of Street Fighter 4 as hinted previously by devoloppers.

According to some lucky witnesses Akuma is not playable as of yet but you do face him in a destroyed version of the temple stage.

Needless to say Akuma looks as badass as ever. His entrance looks damn epic as you see him jumping while a big bright moon is behind him before he lands on the stage and does his trademark pose as seen the pic above.
Click here to enjoy more pics of the Demon's entrance

source: SF4 dev blog

UPDATE: The Official Street Fighter 4 website just got updated with the Gouki's profile and screenshots of his debut.

UPDATE 2: And here is a bad quality video of Akuma in action and showing his raging Demon Ultra!!!

ps: Special thats to SRK user Pat the great


Rizsparky said...

OMG finally!!!!!

Amalaric the Visigoth said...

damn! i was about to write about it!

good job!

Anonymous said...

Not another tiny Akuma! He should be bigger!

Anonymous said...

looks good. the video is very poor quality but his effects seem to be damn cool.

Ash said...




Anonymous said...

am i the only one who notices Haggar from final fight in one of those pictures?

Anonymous said...

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Jeff uguru said...

Check out my Akuma sequence…. :)