Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking news: SF4 home version to be shown this week at leipzig?

Today (and exactly couple hours ago) is the start date of the Leipzig Game Convention held in Germany every year around this time, and according to Producer Shizowa from the sf4 dev blog, Ono san will fly to Germany to show for the first time what the consumer version of Street Fighter 4 looks like.

So expect some exciting news and hopefully videos about the game later in the day.

Source: sf4 dev blog


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the home version will bee playable on xbox 360. There will be an SFIV Tournament on this console too.

oblique said...


Franklin said...

Good news indeed. I hope we get lag-free online and some extra modes that aren't in the arcade version. Hopefully they announce more characters too.

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Anonymous said...

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