Tuesday, August 26, 2008

an interesting new Ono san's Interview from

The folks at got the rare chance to sit with Ono san during last week's Leipzig GC convetion to talk mostly about the home version of SF4.
The interview tackles everything from Release date of the home version to Questions about console specific characters, and i must admit that this is one of the best interviews i have read lately, very informative.

From the interview: " There are rumours that the console versions will be released to coincide with the release of the new movie in March 2009. Is there any truth to the rumour?

YO: Our R&D team didn't know much about this timing! They are just put under pressure by those people sitting outside. So at the moment development time wise, we've just about managed to take on the arcade version on console. Obviously we have to balance the game and add on the other features for the console version. We're just working on it. We still don't know.

However, I also attended Comic Con in San Diego. A lot of users expressed their frustration that the arcade version is only released in Asia and they still can't put their hands on Street Fighter IV. I'm thinking as long as the game has the basic tool function for everyone to enjoy, we may be able to release it on the early side. We still don't know."

To read the full interview Click here