Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Official SF4 Dev Blog Hints at Akuma???

Producer Shizowa hinted at the SF4 Dev Blog Today that something will Happen on 8/15 (this Friday) that fans have been waiting for and apparently this something has to do with someone that can defeat Seth the final Boss of SF4. Shizowa then advise us to play a lot and prepare for it (whatever "IT" is).

Here is the translation of the post done by SRK forum user FuguTabetai:

" Something's happening!" Project Manager: Shiozawa Natsuki
Yo, everybody, sup!
Have you been watching the Beijing Olympics?
It started with an amazing opening ceremony by Chan Imou, and now things are really getting serious, and a whole bunch of lordly battles are playing themselves out in front of us.
Kitajima was all over the news this morning. (Kitajima is a Japanese swimmer that won gold.)
Anyway, things are just getting started! Let's go Japan!!

Street Fighter 4 is going to get pretty hot too!! It's coming, it's coming. Something will happen on 8/15. Something that lots of fans have been waiting for is coming this way!!

It's been a month since the machines went out. I think you've all got in a lot of practice with your favorite character. Now you'll really get to test your skill! Give a testament to the experience, skills, and courage that you've piled up!!

Aim for it, Seth! Defeat him, Seth! And then, the thing that you've been waiting for... Nothing special will happen for a simple halfhearted battle. So, there's only three more days till it happens. So give it your best and Fight! "

So what do you uys think? Akuma ? or maybe Gouken? your call

source: SF4 Dev Blog via SRK forums


Anonymous said...

Akuma AND Gouken! :-)

M said...

yes akuma and gouken, that looks about right!! Hopefully this game comes out this year.

Amalaric the Visigoth said...

gouki and gouken would rock the hall.....

lets only hope...

*fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

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