Sunday, August 24, 2008

SF4 PC version to be delayed by few months!

A bit of a sad news for PC gamers today, as Christian Stevenson (also known as Sven) posted over at the capcomunity forums that the PC version of Street Fighter 4 will not be released until few months after the ps3/360 version.
here is his exact quote:

" Whenever the console versions get released, the PC version will trail by a few months in either case."

Another user asked if this indeed is true and here is what Sven had to say:

"Not totally final yet. We're obviously trying to keep them as close together as possible, but PC will lag by some amount."

Let's just hope the delay will not be as long as the delay Devil May Cry 4 had.

source: capcomunity forums


global penny stock said...

well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

John Tinning said...

To be honest I'm just glad a PC version will be coming! Will be getting this on both 360 and PC :D

M said...

That kind of sucks, but not really a big problem. I agree with the poster above, at least it is coming out on a PC. Definitely picking it up on Xbox to play all the time single player and online, and then the PC version to play from time to time if there are higher resolutions/extras.

M said...

One thing I forgot to ask, does anyone here think the game will come out on consoles this year? The playable build they had recently at the Leipzig Gaming Convention seemed nearly complete. Of course, minus the additional characters for the consoles.

strugler said...

@ m

I surely hope so, i cannot wait for this game, but from a merketing stand point since hd remix is coming this year sf4 will probably be relased in 2009 since it will hurt hd remix's sale if they both come out close to each other.

John Tinning said...

I think it's got one of two release dates, both to increase sales. Either Christmas, or with the release of the film so it can ride on the merchandise sales

oblique said...

Actually I prefer it that HD Remix comes out before SF4. Gives me sometime to play it because when SF4 comes out I will probably stop playing HD Remix for awhile

Anonymous said...

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