Saturday, August 16, 2008

Udon's Street Fighter 2 Turbo preview and Street Fighter IV tie in !

The folks at got the chance to sit with Udon, the very talented team t behind the spectacular Street Fighter Comic book series, to talk about the future of the title.
The interviw focuses mainly on the Street Fighter II turbo comic book will pick up right after the Street Fighter II comic book which is the continuation of the main Street Fighter Storyline. As stated previously by Udon, the book will focuse on the Street Fighter tournament.

According to the article, the Street fighter 2 turbo comics book will also have back up stories of the new Street Fighter IV characters starting iwith issue 2, a really great idea to tie in the Street Fighter 2 storyline to the upcoming Street Fighter IV game.

From the Article: "The “Street Fighter IV” backup stories in “Turbo” will represent a first look the personalities and fighting styles of the new challengers. Siu-chong is writing these as well, with an art team yet to be named. “We're working very closely with [CAPCOM Lead Designer] Yoshinori Ono to incorporate the new characters in our comic universe,” Siu-chong confirmed. “We've always had a slightly different spin than the games, melding the 'Alpha' games and 'SFII' games, so this is just another added challenge. Obviously we have to have the greenlight from CAPCOM if we're adding new story elements outside of what's in the game, but from the very start CAPCOM has always been a dream to work with and they really do give us a lot of creative freedom as long as we don't do anything silly that's not in the spirit of the games.”

Along the lengthy great to read article, the talented Udon team teases us with some gorgeous artwork from the upcoming Street Fighter 2 Turbo comic book.

Click here to read the full article and enjoy the great artwork

ps: Do not Forget to pick up the Street Fighter Remix #0 coming on the 27th in a comic book store near you

Special Thanx to Matt Moylan for the head's up.


Shahryar said...
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Shahryar said...

I've never checked out any SF comics except the small one I got w/ my Street Fighter II Anniversary PS2 game. What are thoughts on what the worthwhile SF comic series are (under the assumption there are more than one)? Maybe I'll see if I can find the collection on ebay or something and check it out.

strugler said...


Udon's street fighter comic book series is amazing, so far there are 4 volume trade paperback collecting the main street fighter story plus a fifth one with a sakura story. The art is gorgeous and the story is really good.
i was skeptical at first since it is hard to have a story following all the street fighter characters but Ken suichong (the writer) really pulled it off.
i highly recommend it if you are a street fighter fan.
Udon also translated the japanese Street Fighter manga books.
All the books are available through amazon on the street fighter blog mini shop

Shahryar said...

Awesome, thanks Strugler. I'll check out the 4 Trade Paperbacks + Sakura's story. Can you explain a little more on the Manga series that's translated by Udon? How many of those are out there? And how good is it?

I'll get started w/ the 4 trade paperbacks. Let me see where I Can find them the cheapest.

Shahryar said...

Hey strugler, I wanted to verify the Street Fighter volume trade paperbacks you mentioned in your earlier comment

Street Fighter 1: Round One Fight! (Paperback, 2006)
Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers (Paperback, 2006) for $8.88
Street Fighter 3: Fighter's Destiny (Paperback, 2007) for $8.73
Street Fighter 4: Bonus Stage (Paperback, 2007) for $8.20

For the Sakura one, are you talking about:
Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru! 1 (Paperback, 2007)
Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru! 2 (Paperback, 2007)

Or are you talking about:
Street Fighter Legends Volume 1: Sakura by Ken Siu-Chong and Omar Dogan (Paperback - Mar 28, 2007)

On, I found a seller who has volume 2-4 and both of the Sakura Ganbarus. I shot him an e-mail to see if I could get combined shipping if I bought all of them through him.

I don't see Street Fighter Legends Volume 1: Sakura on, but do see it on Amazon.

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