Monday, September 29, 2008

Gouken's Bio translated

As many of you know, there is a small bio of gouken up on his SF4 website's profile. The bio is of course in japanese but thatx to Capcom unity forum forum poster aditya we now have a translation:

(GOU= strong, powerful, firm, solid ---   KEN = Fist)

Revered / honorable  father figure like a boulder

Revered master of Ryu and Ken. The true older brother of Gouki.
He had perfected and made sophisticated the technique which was originally
known as the assassination fist (ansatsuken). 

After he perfected the technique, he taught it to Ryu and Ken. 
It was believed that he was killed by Gouki, but somehow
he appeared again.

Is he really alive? only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

of course hes alive why wuldnt he be if hes n da game he prolly jus emptied his soul out like Gen did wen akuma did tha sgs thats y in akumas ending akuma say hmm emptiness wen he goes to do tha sgs and thats y on his gi he has a symbol on his back dat stands for empty

oblique said...

That makes sense, but I wonder why he would fake his death and let Akuma roam free.

Anonymous said...

Nightmare Geese anyone?

Anonymous said...

prolly to hone his skills cause member even tho he knew akuma was a killer he could never kill him so he may hav been recovering and trainin

Anonymous said...

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