Monday, September 1, 2008

SF4 Infinite combo discovered!!!

Pretty much everybody hates infinites. for the newcomers to the fighting games scene, an infinite is a combo that takes all of the opponents life energy.

What is annoying about an infinite is the non ability for the adversary to break away from the combo.

According to internet gossips and this newly found video (through SRK), El fuerte appears to be the only character (so far) to have an infinite combo.

Rest assure though capcom will probably patch the issue since inifinite combos really mess up the competitive aspect of online gaming.


Anonymous said...

Infinite comboes dont need to take all the life, but can also be used to stall for timeout win

oblique said...

NO I hate infinite combos. All you can do is try not to get hit by them. And then when you get hit you just HOPE the person will mess up and get off beat with the rhythm of the combo.

Anonymous said...

This combo involves cancelling, therefore it uses up the special meter, not infinite.

This combo is very hard to pull off- it is not FP,run,stop FP again.

After a few shots its damage drops dramatically.

Sf2 had combos that would put you in a daze.

This was the lowest tier character in the game because of the lack of damage his specials do.

ValenUA said...

That shit is not an Inifinite, just some loop, and Imho it's should not be patched. With that combo El Fuerte can reach some mid-high tier, and without it he, is low-mid for sure.

Jay said...

Patch, otherwise it will just be another Yun.


Whatever Its a Infinite..just means ya gotta watch ur back and learn it before capcom removes it.

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