Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Famitsu reveals more: Seth is a playable character in the console version of SF4

According to the latest famitsu, Seth, the final boss of SF4, will be playable in the console version as well as Akuma.
The article also mention that Ono is still not sure if he will make Gouken a playable character :s

 i am sure Ono san is just playing mind tricks with us, or at least i hope so :P

source: ign


Anonymous said...

seth will be nasty if u perfect him look forward 2 playin as him and GOUKEN (hopefully) lol

Guada ^_^ said...

It looks so cool this boss! Do anybody know if there are connections with Gill and Urien? Because from what I saw (from the screenshots I mean), Seth seems to have the same special moves...

If such connection exists, maybe they could introduce Tom (Alex's master and friend) as new character :D

Anonymous said...

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