Monday, November 24, 2008

All what you want to know abt SSF2THD Remix by JimmyRey

Rey Jimnez has just posted a complete (Very long) list of all the features that are included in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix that will finally be released tomorrow (YAYY!!!)

The list is huge but very fun and exiting to read. One of the features that i personally liked is the following:

"7) Double-blind character selection online. When you’re playing online, don’t you hate it when your opponent refuses to pick a character until the last possible moment because he’s trying to make you pick first? He wants to see who you pick so he can pick the best character to beat yours. In HD Remix, all online play has double-blind character selection. That means that you cannot see who your opponent picked or even where his character selection box is until both of you finish picking your characters. Now there’s no reason to stall on this screen, you might as well just pick your character right away. "

But the best one is actually the ability to track your stats from a dedicated webiste as explained by Rey in here: 

"17) Bragging rights.  Aside from the in game leaderboards/scoreboards, we are going to be supporting an external website that will track your rank and records. This website (URL to be announced) will not only track your win/loss record, but will go into granular stats, like how many times you’ve thrown a character or how many projectiles you’ve launched.  This website will be the definitive place to flaunt your Street Fighter prowess. "

Tomorrow cannot come any sooner :(


M said...

wow, LUCKYYYYY!!!!! I have a PS3 but will be picking it up for xbox 360, so i'll have to wait an extra day. Next week hopefully I'll also get the chance to play street fighter 4, instead of just watching other people play in the arcades lol.

Anonymous said...

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