Friday, November 21, 2008

Are you a Home Beta tester ?

Hey Folks, i have just received an invite to be a beta tester for PSN home, and let me tell you, that thing is not only cool but addictive.

While browsing through the new "club" feature i was surprised to find a street fighter club within home, i went ahead and joined and right now we are only 2 people in the club: me and the owner of the club tribal24.

It will be cool if there are more people who are willing to chill at the Home Street Fighter Club and talk about all things Street Fighter. If you are interested come and join (just type "street fighter" in the club search bar)


color of sunshine said...

probably the wrong post to put this in... but my little brother likes Sonic alot. Can you suggest any games for that? I'm asking this because I see that you're kind of into the whole manga thing. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Hey what sup come join the. Street Fighter 4 club here's my code if you don't have a invite. 2fda- Dbbj -Gbpd. Put into the playstation. Store. Top right coner. Hope. 2 c. Ya.

Anonymous said...

thnx man bout to join da club

Anonymous said...

...home needs to hurry up already. i'll join once the full version's out. mostly because i had no idea there was a beta to begin with.

Anonymous said...

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