Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fugly Street Fighter IV figures by Neca

With Street Fighter IV being couple months away, it is only normal (if not necessary) to have SFIV action figures available around the game's release date. 

Neca, a toy maker company, is the one in charge of crafting and making the sfIV characters into cool looking figures. The result? Absolute Crap.

The design of the characters faces are horrible: Ryu looks like some insane guy on pcp and ken looks like a monkey during mating season. C.viper is the only character shown that is  half decent.

It is really sad  that these official figures are not made by SOTA toys, the talented company behind the last wave of  amazing street fighter figures. Let's just hope they redone the faces and heads on the figures or else it is definetly a no buy for me 


Fenrir said...

Look pretty cool to me...

Anonymous said...

yeah looks good I think

Anonymous said...

yea they are not that terrible

Anonymous said...

The only reason the faces are horrible are because the design in the game is horrible.

The faces look completely faithful to the game.

Nikki said...

Ryu is the only one who looks horrible.

Ansatsuken-TKD said...

Um... Yeah - fugly is about right.

ryan said...

they look kinda of nice except ryu's face looks terrible and ken's is sort of decent. the detail is pretty good but ken and ryu do look a little too bulky.

and i don't like that these will be in the 7 inch scale, but it will fit in with some of the other lines that neca makes.

i would have prefered if SOTA made these rather than Neca though.
the sculpts would look better, and there would be more articulation.
the SOTA figures are the best street fighter figures out there. i doubt i will pick up these.

Anonymous said...

You're right. These suck shit.

mdouglas said...

Not a big fan. Does anyone know the company that did the figures around 1999? They came out around the time of third strike. I used to have akuma... Those were the best sculpts, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

dude shutup about the in-game faces be happy that sfiv is comin out and plus the in game faces are not bad since they last been updated 4 da consoles

M said...

mdouglas, those figures you're talking about were made by a company called Resaurus. And I completely agree with you: those figures are amazing. I collected the two series twice for each color. Had to find the second white gi uniform Ryu on ebay though for about 30 dollars. Akuma and Sagat were my favorites. The first series had cammy, Alex from third Strike, Ryu, Ken, Vega, and Blanka. The second series had Chun Li, Necro, Charlie, Akuma, Remy, and Sagat. Series 3 was complete but never saw a release. The images can be found online and are of course excellent looking. Series 3 would have been Bison!!!, Guy, Guile, and Ibuki. The cool thing about these figures besides the style were the proportions. Blanka was a beast compared to the other figures. The figures looked really cool standing next to each other. I collect the Sota Street Fighter figures, but the Resaurus sculpts are easily the best.

mdouglas said...

thanks m, great info!

Anonymous said...

Better NECA than SOTA. SOTA dropped the ball after the old management left after Round 4 and wasted time and momentum with Previews, instead of finishing Round Five. SOTA even let Darkstalkers get canceled. Add to that all of the constant latenesses and delays for Revo-1, and you've got a lack of confidence in SOTA to deliver. Thank god NECA rescued the license from SOTA! They were running it into the ground.

If NECA can get the figures out regularly and will at least commit to finishing out the SF4 cast, we won't be missing any of SOTA's bullshit.

Anonymous said...

nicely said cause its true

Anonymous said...

Commit? Name one NECA line, based on a single property, that's gone past series 3.

Anonymous said...

Just because they didn't make every character in their past licenses doesn't mean that they can't start something different for Street Fighter 4.

NECA has the master SF license. I don't think they are paying those licensing fees to waste on a few figures. Otherwise the master license would still be up for grabs, while NECA could only make SF4.

Clay said...

Kinda scary. Viper looks like a dear caught in headlights.
Action figures always look lame, resin figures is where it's at.

Anonymous said...

Ryu looks like Van Damme.

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