Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Street Fighter Blog reviews Street Fighter 2 Turbo #2 Comic

Street fighter 2 Turbo issue 2 came out last Wednesday, the comic is the first in the series to feature a back up story of Street Fighter IV's new Comer Abel. How does the whole issue stands up against issue 1, lets find out (be advised few spoilers ahedd):

Story: The Story picks up right where the last issue ends with The main cast getting ready for their grand fights. Ryu and Ken are on their way to enter the tournament, Chun-li is training with yun and Yang to improve her skills that she will soon need to fight her way through the tournament. It is also important to mention that this is the first Udon Comic to show bison's true power and why he is a threat to the world, as he destroyed a whole island with his Psycho Drive just to announce the start of the tournament and shows how powerful it is. The issue ends with a big WTF moment (spoilers ahead) as Bison tells his 3 henchman to supervise the qualifying matches that will be held in Japan, China and …... Metro city (home for the Final Fight Series) the last panel of the issue is great surprise but I will not spoil it for you, all I will say is that it marks the comic debut of a Street Fighter Alpha character.

The story was really enjoyable and really sets the mood for the starting of the tournament. It was definitely better that last issue which was a re-introduction of the main characters. Still, nothing majored has happened during the issue. As For the back-up story it is also well written but way too short, it was more of an appetizer for the upcoming Street Fighter IV comic series.

The Art: It is not unknown that I am not a big fan of Chamba's style of drawing the street Fighter world. And if you read my review of the first issue, you will notice that it was the main drawback of Issue#1. If you happen to share the same opinion then I have a good news for you as I was very surprised when I read through the second issue, Chamba's style has greatly improved, it is still not perfect but way better that issue 1, the lack of inking problem has been resolved, the backgrounds are not as empty as they were in the first issue, and character's faces are now better (for the most part) I do hate though the way he draws chun-li, she looks too manly for our sexy big thighs lady and I hope that this will change with future issues.

Chamba's style big Plus are the action scenes and he does deliver in this issue with an amazing looking fight between Evil Ryu and Ken where we see the Shoryu Reppa (ken's super) for the first time in the Comic.

The back-up story was illustrated by Joe Ng (another new comer to the street fighter world). Joe Ng Style is so close to Alvin lee's and Arnold Tsang's style that if no one had told me it was Joe who drew the comic I would have thought that Alvin lee is back to finish what he started. Joe's Style has the anime/Manga feel we have gotten used to from the previous Street Fighter Comic series made by udon and would have suited best for the Street Fighter 2 Turbo Series.

Closing Comments: The Second Issue of Street Fighter 2 Turbo is with no doubt a page turner. With good writing from ken sui Chong, and more than decent art By Chamba cruz as well as the welcome addition of the Street Fighter IV back-up stories illustrated by Joe Ng, Issue #2 is definitely better that #1 and is, indeed, A MUST buy for any Street Fighter fan.

Final Score: 8.5/10    


M said...

I'm going to have to check that first review, missed it. I didn't like the first issue of this series at all, though I ended up buying it. Bought every single issue twice of the previous street fighter comics: one to keep in perfect condition and the other to draw from and carry around. one of my favorite drawings styles. but when I saw the art here I didn't even look at the whole thing. so it's good to hear that the artwork got better. I'll pick up the next one to check it out. as for joe ng drawing style, I remember seeing in that giant Street Fighter book (the one where akuma is holding the broomstick lol) some of the drawings he did. Really good, especially the akuma pics.

toasty_johns said...

this new artist sux, bring back the guy who did the comic before.
good grief udon is really sacrifising quality over timely schedule.

feii said...

i like the series and this issue was better.

i agree that i don't like how the artist draws chun-li. her eyes are too big. O_O

but for the most part, the art is good with me though.

Anonymous said...

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