Friday, November 28, 2008

Tons of pictures of Fei long and Dan from Famitsu

The Famitsu website has been updated with a bunch of screenshots showing every special move of Fei Long and Dan as well as some screens of the SFIV anime which will be released with the game. And let me tell you they look too fraking AWESOME!

Fei long seems tohave gotten some new moves as will wee in the screenshots. His famous Rekka Ken can now send the oponent flying in flames if used with two buttons. His Ultra just looks out of this world.

As for Dan, he looks, as usual, funny and hilarious, his ultra also looks great, his gadoken though is still weak.

As for the anime, well, i can't wait for it as i am a huge sf anime fan, i still watch the street fighter animated movie to this day :)  it is also worth mentioning that it has been confirmed that the anime will run for 60 min. 


Aaron said...

Seeing those picture of Dan just make me laugh. I can't wait to fight with him. Good times.

Anonymous said...

any information on the anime coming with the american version yet

Anonymous said...

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