Monday, December 22, 2008

The Daigo Umehara Challenges

The Famous Japanese Magazine Arcadia, has launched a challenge to Daigo Umehara (probably the best Street Fighter player alive) in Street Fighter IV.

They basically put Daigo against the top  Street Fighter IV Players in japan. The results? Just Beautiful: 

Challenge 1: Daigo (Ryu) vs Inoue (Dictator)

Challenge 2: Daigo (Ryu) vs Itavashi (Zangief)

Challenge 3: Daigo (Ryu) vs Fudo (Ryu)

Challenge 4: Daigo (Ryu) vs Joe (C.Viper)

Challenge 5: Daigo (Ryu) vs Nemo (Chun-li)

Challenge 6: Daigo (Ryu) vs Mago (Sagat)

Big Thanx for youtube user lordaborigine for uplaoding this madness


Anonymous said...

nice but to be honest it was luck when he beat dat c.viper char specially when they hit at the same time it should of been over but nice tho

Anonymous said...

Daigo found Nemo :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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