Wednesday, December 31, 2008

videos of the day: Street Fighter the educational anime

Before you guys start scratching your heads in questioning yourselves and others " what the hell is this?" i will tell you: this is an educational anime that was created by the folks behind the amazing street fighter 2 animated movie. The anime basically features Ryu, Ken, chun-li and Honda as they somehow  travelled back in time to Fujiwara, the ancient japanese capital.

This short anime was released in vhs and came with the street fighter II manga that was drawn by masaomi kanzaki (the one Udon translated last year). This goodie was almsot unfound and unheard of. Only few street fighter fans knew it existed. I personally searched for it for the past years on all kinds of mediums but never found it. So great thanx and kudos to the gentleman who uploaded this on youtube.


Anonymous said...

Just a little more background on this anime. This came out around the same time as the Rockman educational film. The Street Fighter one was geared for a middle school while the blue bomber's was for younger kids.

The Rockman one got dubbed here, not sure about SF though

George said...

THIS needs to be release in blueray.

aerialgroove said...

First time I watched the DVD (got it right when the manga was released) I noticed that Honda had his original colors and Ryu had a better face than in the animated movie.

Anonymous said...

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