Monday, January 19, 2009

and the winner of the sf4 national tournament is .... Dhalsim???

In an unexpected turn of events, the winner of the Japanese national Street Fighter IV tournament that went on for few months now is Iyo who used Dhalsim.

The final match was between Iyo (Dhalsim) and RF (Sagat) was held yesterday in japan. According to SRK forum member Ohayo1234 the last matches went like this:

" Semi-Finals:
RF vs Riki(RF won, don't remember the score)
Iyo vs Kindevu(Iyo won 2-1 in a close ass match)

3rd place:
Riki vs Kindevu(Kindevu won 2-0)

Iyo vs RF(Iyo won, I think it was 2-0)"

Chec out the finals match:

I would also like to point out that Daigo (Ryu) lost to curry vega (Sagat) and therefore Daigo made the 9th place of the tournament.

I bet you won't look at Dhalsim the same way you used to.

source: SRK 


asiantom said...

My friend always speculated that Dhalsim was going to move up in tiers and that he was ranked bottom tier because no one knew how to use him properly. I guess he was right!

Ian A. said...

That was a really GREAT match for me to watch! Glad to see Dhalsim is equipped to evade just about all of Sagat's attacks if used correctly.

Anonymous said...

I just love when "underrated" characters show their true value! ;)

oblique said...

that match was okay, it wasn't really that great. That is not to say that the two players aren't great because they are. It seems like the guy that played with Sagat got frustrated with how he was being handled by Dhalsim. He lost his patience, confidence and then he lost his strategy and/or failed to adapt to what was going on. He jumped wayyyyyyy too much when it was pretty much established that Dhalsim came out on top of trading of hits. I am not surprised that Dhalsim did well. Almost any character can be dangerous in a good players hands

pcmacro said...

I always knew Dhalsim was a lot better than the rank was given to him in the tier list.

Anonymous said...

why do they have a time limit in tournaments...seems kind of unfair since the other player would still have a chance of winning but loses just because time runs out.

Anthony said...

Time adds an element to the game. It's why UFC fights and boxing don't always end in a TKO/KO/Submission. It allows the different types of styles to be effective in different situations and shows a players capability during clutch/tight moments when time is against them.

Perfectwound said...

To oblique: I agreed with what you said, and I guess the Dhalsim Player was planning to lost his opponent's patience in the first place. But Dhalsim did pull a few good tricks at the end with the teleport and super.

Anonymous said...

nice dhalsim evade move that is sweet

Anonymous said...

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