Friday, January 9, 2009

CES09: Ryu's Anime prologue from Street Fighter IV

I was worried when i saw the reviewers dissing these clips by saying they are pointless or saturday morning cartoons quality (maybe in japan not in the us just look at the garbage quality cartoons we get these days) but you know what these are for the stret fighter fans, reviewers don't digg these kind of things.

The clip looks awesoooome, it is short but i love the style. its not sf2 animated movie quality but i love it, better than both the alpha movies in term of styles. The coloring is very vivid. The style look like a typical anime series (naruto, kenshin etc). I love you capcom for going the extra mile and adding these animated prologues and endings.

The anime cutscenes are supposed to make more sense if you watch the street fighter IV anime that comes with the collectors edition

What do you guys think?

edit: for those who have an issue watching the gamestop vid i present you the youtube version:


breakingdishesz said...

so many videos leaking now! cant wait for SF4 to come out!

Anonymous said...

y cant i watch the vid it says undefined birthdate WTF IS THAT

Anonymous said...

to Anon# 2 u need to sign up to gamespot or wait till youtube gets it.

Anonymous said...

thnx man i just seen it on youtube and awesome IT IS this will make story mode very interesting

Anonymous said...


Huh. That was unexpected. But then again, there must ALWAYS be someone wanting to capture Ryu. I'd expect him to start speaking only "Pikachu!" anytime soon.

Malashram said...

I Love Capcom.

Anonymous said...

...i don't get the hate towards the cutscenes in reviews. it's better than the pictures we got in previous street fighter games.

Anonymous said...

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