Friday, January 30, 2009

A First look at Udon's Street Fighter IV comic book Mini series

Street Fighter IV is less than three weeks away,a nd to celebrate the launch of the most anticipated game ever, Udon will be publising a Street Fighter IV comic book mini series as we have announced couple months ago.

Today Udon is teasing us with some gorgeous interior art from the first issue of themini series wich will be released on February 18th just one day after the game launch (and 2 days after the street fighter magazine debut)

The story of the miniseries serves as a prelude to the Story of the game. Matt Moylan from Udon did let us know that they worked closely with Ono San and the SFIV developpers to make this mini series fit both withing the Udon Street Fighter Universe as well as the Cannon SFIV storyline.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how C.Viper doesn't burn her hair; jumping around and throwing fire everywhere.
It's long enough to get caught in the blaze ^^

Red White said...

oh hohoho, nice. I miss the SF3 story they were gonna do but I'm a big C. Viper fan right now so I'll let it slide.

asiantom said...

I don't like to think that Birdie would be taken down so easily.

Anonymous said...

nice artwork

FistfulOAwesome said...

How does C.Viper activate her jet boots exactly? I don't see a button she's pushing or anything. If she just has to touch the bottom of the boot, shouldn't she be leaving smoldering footsteps everywhere she goes.

Anonymous said...

your obviously not looking hard enough, if you look on her other boot you'll see a rectangular button at the base of the sole before her heels. I'm guessing that's how she activates her fire

maicher said...


Shahryar said...

so I have this to check out.. and the street figher legends: chun li comic book series (

Anonymous said...

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