Thursday, January 22, 2009

IGN reviews Madcatz's Fight Pads

Ign has posted a full review of the upcoming madcatz street fighter IV themed controllers. the fight pad is a 6 button joypad that features a sega genesis-like D-pad.

From the IGN Review: "The controller itself is extremely light, which could be a positive or negative in terms of ergonomic preference, however, it has an adverse affect on the FightPad from a longevity standpoint. However, for a $39.99 investment, users can't rightly expect a controller to have an extensive lifespan. Perhaps the most curious fact about the FightPad is that for Xbox 360 version comes exclusively in a wired solution, while the PlayStation 3 version is wireless only. So, if you are an Xbox 360 gamer who likes to play without the constraints of wires, the FightPad might not be for you, although it does have roughly eight feet of wired legroom.  "


Marco said...

Im looking forward to this controller as i do for the game itself :-)

does anybody know why capcom wont sell those in germany? Have to order it from the UK. Not a big deal anyway, just wondering why...

Anonymous said...

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