Thursday, January 8, 2009

The last EGM cover that never was

EGM is gone and what a loss! To me EGM was the best printed game magazine around. EGM also became special to me when they the first reveal the existence of Street Fighter IV and the first screenshots.
James Mielke, the last editor in chief of EGM revealed in his personal blog the cover for the what was going to be february issue of the magazine and to my surprise it is a street fighter IV themed cover and issue.
James also promises that the full issue will be available online soon at so reader can see download and keep the last issue of egm that never was!


Holygriever said...

Do want!

Anonymous said...

nice it will explain DLC

Anonymous said...

That sucks! Definitely would have been an issue worth owning.

breakingdishesz said...

23 new screennshots!!!

Anonymous said...

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