Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Neca vs Sota! who is the winner

It is no secret that the Sota street fighter figures line up was one of the best (if not the best) street fighter figure series. Sota has dones figures from street fighter alpha, sf2 and 3rd strike. 

However for sf4 it is the toy company Neca who is in charge for making official figures of ryu and the gang.

How do they compare? you decide (Neca on the left, Sota is on the right)

in my opinion Neca Ryu and Ken figures look like the gamma radiated version of the Sota ones.
I was on the fence wether to get those or not but now I will definetely pass.


Anonymous said...

both look crappy :(

Rick A said...

The Ken one isn't so bad, but the Ryu looks like they repainted a Hulk doll and threw a dogi on it.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the face of the Ryu figure he must have a bad pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

they look like cavemen xD

Anonymous said...

Comparing the two lines already?

Of course SOTA is going to be better.
At 7" and having only one new character, SOTA would blow them away.

That being said, I hope NECA is more serious about making these than Neo-SOTA was--passing up Dee Jay and Alex for Humping Robots!

Holygriever said...

The better one? Of course it's the Ryu figurine that's coming with my pre-ordered SFIV CE. :D

Strugler, looking up to some matches with you come march (yay, airmail is slow =/)!

strugler said...

"Anonymous said...
Judging from the face of the Ryu figure he must have a bad pain in the ass."

LOOOOOOOOL, you just made my day

strugler said...


just enough time for me so i can train with my sf4 ryu and unlock gouken (hopefully) LOL

im looking forward to a rematch in hd remix by the way, las week's games were lagless and fun

Os said...

i dont like them... but at least they look kinda like they look in tha game

* searching for rivals in street fighter hd remix (PSN id: RIOS1982)

Anonymous said...

the collectors edition figures do look better than both

Holygriever said...

I woudn't say LAGLESS, I'd say LESS LAGGY. Unlaggy enough to be playable and enjoyable. :D

And those random challengers made everything more interesting. It's a pity my skillz were sucking that day. =/

Anyway, if we have a better way to communicate we could arrange more matches. And OS, I see you added me. When you see me online, throw an invite my way and maybe I'll accept it! :D

Fenrir said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

both look crappy :(

What he said

Anonymous said...

I like the NECA ones better. that SOTA Ryu looks like a damn G.I. Joe. I agree the face is off on the NECA one but since when is Ryu American? also the bodies are so much thicker in SF IV so those figures are closer to the game.

The S said...

Whereas the SOTA ones look like what we would expect Street Fighter characters to look like in action figure form, NECA's look damn close to the actual SF4 models.

But to Hell with NECA's SF4... where's our TMNT Wave 2 and Samara Morgan figures?

Anonymous said...

yes! thank you...I don't understand why everyone is getting so bent out of shape about these figures

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think NECA has made a great job with this action figures. Ken and Ryu looks too much strong (in Neca version) because this is their respective aspect in the capcom games.

Anonymous said...

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