Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rumor: SSF2THD remix is still stuck in Sony europe QA

According to the european psn version of SSF2THD Remix is still not out yet due to Sony europe denying two consecutive submissions from capcom because of "faults and problems" with the game.

The process of releasing a digital game through sony or Microsoft starts by subtmiting the game to the console company for quality testing, if the game fails the tests the publisher will need to fix the bugs and re submit again until Sony (or microsoft in case of xbox360) approves the game.

It is not shocking to know that HD Remix suffers from numerous bugs (messed up ranking, mutlipule disconnects and freezing) but it should be reassuring for all of us to know that according to sven from Capcom Unity a patch is on its way to consoles very soon.


Awfully Good Reviews said...

Poor Europe... will they ever see HD remix?

Anonymous said...

Sure we will... if we open an american PSN account, i live in the UK & it took me 10 minutes to sort it all out.

Marco said...

and im from germany and have the xbox ;)

Anonymous said...

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